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  • What is car hire excess?

    When you rent a vehicle the excess is the amount you will have to pay towards repair costs should the rental vehicle suffer damage. The excess amount varies between car hire providers but normally ranges between £200 and £2,000 and can be far more than the original rental cost.

  • How does Car excess insurance work?

    When you purchase a car hire excess policy you are protecting yourself against the potential cost this can cause by using an excess reimbursement process. It is designed to repay you the amount of any excess or repair costs that you are required to pay under the terms of the rental agreement (up to any policy limit in place) following any damage to the rental vehicle.

  • Why not use the rental companies waiver?

    Well you can, however the waiver some rental companies provide can be as much as £20 a day. £20 with us however could get you a policy for 5 day duration in Europe at a cost of 11.48 for example.

  • Are lost or stolen rental car keys covered?

    Yes, our policies cover you for costs incurred, up to £500 per claim, with a maximum of £2,000 per period of insurance, for replacing lost or stolen rental vehicle keys and includes the replacement of locks and locksmith charges.

  • Is there an excess on this policy?

    No, our policies do not also have an excess. The amount deducted from your card will be the amount reimbursed, up to the limit specified by your policy.

  • Who can purchase a car hire excess policy?

    If you and all other persons to be insured are a residents of the United Kingdom, are legally licensed to operate and drive the rental vehicle and are between the ages of 21 and 85 you are eligible to purchase a car hire excess policy with us.

  • Can I purchase a policy if my rental has already begun?

    No, car hire excess policies must be purchased before you have signed the rental agreement.

  • Can I add additional drivers to my car hire excess policy?

    Additional drivers may be included on your policy. Named drivers must also be named on the rental agreement to be covered.

  • Am I covered when renting a vehicle within the United Kingdom?

    Yes, if you have purchased an insurance policy with us it is able to cover you for excess for vehicles rented here in the UK.

  • What are the countries covered by Europe?

    The continent of Europe, including the United Kingdom and all countries west of the Ural Mountains, islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, Madeira, Turkey, the Azores and Iceland, but not including Egypt, Israel, Morocco and Tunisia.

  • What countries cannot be covered?

    We can cover anywhere in the world apart from Afghanistan, Cuba, Liberia or Sudan. However no cover is provided for claims arising as a direct result of a situation highlighted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where you have hired a car in a specific country or area where, prior to the car rental agreement commencing, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against all (but essential) travel.

  • What vehicles are not covered by my policy?

    (i) Any vehicle other than the rental car (as specified on the car rental agreement)
    (ii) Motor homes, camper vans, trailers or caravans, trucks, commercial vehicles, goods carrying vans, motorcycles, mopeds, motorbikes, off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles and passenger vans and vehicles with more than 9 seats
    (iii) Any vehicle which has a retail value when new in excess of £60,000 and has a 0- 62mph (0-100kph) time of less than 7.5 seconds
    (iv) Any vehicle which is over 20 years old.

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