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Options when buying excess hire insurance?

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Options when buying excess hire insurance?

For those who don't rent a vehicle very often, the insurance can often be the most confusing area. The rental car comes with its own insurance policy with an applicable excess and exclusions. The rental provider will often offer a host of options when prebooking and collecting the vehicle but in it's simpliest form there are three main choices each with their own benefits.

The main choices

1 – Don’t take any protection – if you're happy with the excess amount and can cover these costs should something unfortunate happen to the vehicle under your care then the option to just grab the car and go on your way is always there.

2 – Purchase protection from the rental company – you are likely to be offered various excess protection policies at the rental desk, these are usually more expensive then the standalone version found in advance but also less comprehensive.

3 – Buy a standalone policy – companies such as ourselves, offer a cheaper alternative to the rental company car rental excess insurance protection policies which can be purchased in advance for both single or annual policies.

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